The Kimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours is unlike any other tour. This was an amazing opportunity to connect with the warm and generous people from the Jarlmadangah community, and experience the beauty of the Kimberley’s first-hand. From climbing the Grant Ranges and exploring hidden watering holes, to fishing in an offshoot of the Fitzroy River and sleeping under the stars at Mount Anderson station, it was certainly an adventure to be remembered.
– Bree and Phil, 2015

Yeah I loved it, was very impressed with the team, their knowledge and flexibility despite us arriving so late.  Having Tina tell us about the cave and its significance to her people was a personal highlight for me – many of the kids that attend the youth centre here are pretty disconnected from culture and it was so great to have the ladies speak about their culture with such genuine enthusiasm.  An authentic bush experience.
– Paul, Youth worker from Derby, 2015

We had a wonderful time. I did a debrief with the students on the last night before we headed home and their highlight for the week was spending time out with TJ, Leisha and Tina and their kids. All of them commented on how nice it was to see a family so connected and they all went home wanting to reconnect with their Aboriginal families. It truly was an amazing experience. Facilities were great, food wonderful. I think we could have spent 2 days out there. Harry was great sharing his stories around the camp fire.
– Bridgid, Teacher from Perth, 2015

The tour was great! I think we were all worried about the snake! Feel free to put it on Facebook, but yes agree the snake may scare some people.
– Sam, 2014

Jess, sincere thanks to the boys, TJ and Sarnold for allowing me to learn about their country. I consider it a great privilege to have been shown their culturally significant sites. There is still much sadness in the soles of the people and I have gained a better understanding as to why it has not been laid to rest. Please show these pictures to the boys.  With heartfelt thanks, Richard.
– Richard from NSW, 2015

** See Richard’s photos here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/63154109@N03/sets/72157649626614981/show/

It is really hard to put into words just all the different feeling that Braydon and I shared during our stay. Bo and his family were so wonderful, my son and I felt so humble but also so proud that we were treated to a LIFE time experience, many heart felt warmth and thanks to the community for allowing my son and I to learn and experience the tradition and culture.
– David, 2014


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