About Us

Accredited Tourism BusinessKimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours (KDAT) is fully owned by the Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Community.  Jarlmadangah is located 30kms off the Great Northern Highway within Mount Anderson Station, approximately 126km south-east of Derby and 206km east of Broome in the Kimberley, Western Australia.  It is located amongst the Grant Ranges and within close proximity to the Fitzroy River.

Jarlmadangah Community was first formed in 1987.  John and Harry Watson are two elders who were instrumental in the formation of the community in order to maintain traditional language, law and culture, and to pass these aspects on to younger generations.

There are two main language groups in Jarlmadangah Burru; Nyikina is the traditional language of the area, and Mangala was introduced by Aboriginal people from the desert who came to work on the pastoral station.

KDAT was set up to create employment opportunities within the community and to give the local community members a chance to interact and share their stories.  The community residents live a traditional lifestyle, visitor numbers are restricted and the community is not open to other tour operators.  This means your visit will be personal and special.