Saturday morning camel treks bring Harry Watson out of retirement

Harry Watson and his camelsHarry Watson, Nyikina elder, locally known as the camel man, has come out of retirement to run Saturday morning Camel Treks out of Mt Anderson Station.

Bored and unsatisfied with the pension, Harry, with his kids and grandkids, will be chipping in to help saddle the camels, walk the trek, cook the sausage sizzle and share the proceeds between them. Harry reckons the camels need some exercise too.

Harry has owned camels for a long-time, buying his first lot from Cas, the bloke who first brought the ships of the dessert to Broome back in 1999. Three new babies are now in the yard, cute to look at, but not yet trained up to ride.

Starting from the 21st of March this year, the first trek will depart. Travelling from the camel yard at Mt Anderson Station past Mt Anderson (Jarlmadangah), through the scrub and spinifex, over some amazing, untouched Kimberley Wilderness.

Harry has a heap of tales from the time when he worked the station, up to the time when he took it over. Bushfoods and wildlife will be spotted on the journey from the comfort of a camels back, while some of the kids will be barefoot (their preferred choice).

Those interested in the Saturday morning trek will need access to a 4WD to make it to Mt Anderson by 8am in the morning.

For more information see: Camel Treks (2 1/2 Hours)

Download Camel Trek in the Kimberley – Flyer poster


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